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020246:110V Desktop Meat Slicing Shredding Cutting Machine 370W
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             110V 370W Meat Slicing  Shredding Machine




This product can be cut, shred, integration design is fast and  convenient, easy to clean.

Notice: Please clean it up after each time of using this item, keep the blade in a dry condition, and before next operation, please clean the blade by a brush.


1 Stainless steel blade
2 Stainless steel knife comb
3 It can be washed directly
4 Solid base
5 Integrated switch


  • Voltage:110V
  • Power:370W
  • Blade RPM: 200r/min
  • Weight :20.3kg(44.66lbs)
  • Blade:2.5mm-3.5mm
  • Size: 14''*12''*15''


1. Uses and features
This product can cut pork, mutton, beef and other meat,  the meat cutting thickness is moderate.
The product has the characteristics of compact structure, balance,  luxury, safety, reliability, high efficiency, simple operation and so  on.

2. Matters needing attention
☆Meat idle time can not exceed 2 minutes, to prevent the  blade edge friction heat burn.
☆When starting work, it is strictly prohibited to hand out the feed  inlet and outlet.
☆Handling and cleaning blades need to be careful to prevent accidental  injuries.
☆Cleaning and maintenance must be cut off the power supply, it is  strictly prohibited to use
water spray pipe to clean the machine

3. Usage method
(1) Prior to use should check the power supply, the  voltage is in line with the requirements, the power supply socket should  be equipped with a reliable grounding.
(2) Prior to the use of a comprehensive cleaning, remove the top cover,  remove the knife comb, with hot water to clean the parts.
(3) The meat should be meat in addition to skin and bone, cut into  strips, the size should be less than the inlet. The first feed into  meat, second feeding into shredded meat, third feed into meat grain.
(4) Must be cleaned after use, to avoid the breeding of bacteria.  Cleaning methods in accordance with ②, after cleaning, in the knife on  the coated with appropriate cooking oil.

4. Daily maintenance
(1) After each use, must be cleaned in meat and meat  parts, while the body scrub. And the knife is coated with edible oil to  prevent the blade from rust.
(2) Often check the power cord is damaged, so as to avoid leakage  wounding.
(3) Not stored in a long dry place, so as not to rust parts.

Item  included:

110V 370W Meat  Slicing Shredding Machine (020246)

Item## Description QTY Unit
020246 110V 370W Meat Slicing Shredding  Machine 1 set

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